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Monday, March 12, 2007

"Not So Simple"

TITLE: Not So Simple
MATERIALS: Acrylic and modelling paste on canvas
SIZE: 46cm x 60cm x 3.5cm
FOR SALE: contact me

Every 2 weeks NZ Art Guild members are given a theme challenge. They have to complete an original artwork based on a specified topic - this one was "Simple"

When I heard this topic I couldnt get the saying out of my head "I Love you - it's as simple and as complicated as that" For anyone thats ever been in love they will be able to identify with this... the path of true love never runs smooth...

This is symbolised by the texture and the "pathways" running through it, the different colours represent all the emotions you experience. The many layers are the different depths of people, of their emotions and even different levels of communication. The crisp lines are the illusion - you think love is enough, that things should be clear cut because you love someone. Well its far more complicated than that.

Heavily textured with modelling paste. Many layers of paint have been used to build this up. Whole painting has a narrow black border (just been cropped unevenly in the photo sorry)

Another 2 weeks have passed!

Where did that time go????

I've been so busy managing the NZ Art Guild and all the changes that's going through, that I haven't done hardly any painting nor have I even updated my blog....very slack!!

I do hope things will settle...but maybe I need to be realistic and accept they won't...that this is my lot for the moment....and its all good...just a different direction from what I had intended to take last year. :-) goal at the moment is to at least try to complete the theme challenges the NZ Art Guild has each fortnight. Once a fortnight a topic is announced and members can participate in these. It gives them the opportunity to push themselves..t.hink outside the square and complete an original artwork based on that topic within 2 weeks. Members can then choose to list them on Trade me and sell them.

My next post will have my theme week entry for this fortnight....And if you have the time...login to Trade me and search for NZ Art Guild to see all the other fab artwork!