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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Glamorgan School Fundraiser ....

If I wasn't already busy enough with an exhibition which launched this week, finalising travel and plans for Italy next week and completing artworks - I was approached by our fabulous charity auctioneer about a fundraiser at his son's school. I couldn't say no to this one - I love the concept!!

All the children are going to create an artwork which will then be exhibited. On the opening evening parents will be able to "buy" their child's artwork and children will be awarded prizes. There will also be a charity auction of about 8 artworks to help raise funds for the school.

Tony asked me if I would judge it - and as much as I would have loved to have (I tried to convince him to change the date eve lol) I will be in Italy. So my good friend, artist and fellow BOT member at MAC - Natalie Bliss will take on this challenge. In actual fact she couldn't be more perfect as she is also a children's art teacher!

I then had to put out a call to our members for donations - and within a couple of hours I had enough. Amazing to see such generous spirit of giving from artists - I know they are constantly asked to donate - probably more than any other group of people. And I am always humbled by their generosity. The artworks are great - very diverse with something to appeal to everyone.

Thanks to all the wonderful artists who offered donations - I'm so sorry we couldn't take all the artworks - but there are two other fundraisers coming up a bit later this year where we will need more artworks. Fundraiser for the Mental Health Foundation of NZ and for North Shore Women's Centre.

Above is the artwork I have donated for this fundraiser - Passion - Mixed media and resin.

Nearly time to go ....

Count down is on ... Only 3 more sleeps and we jet set off to Italy for the Legato Exhibition, It is still very surreal like its not really happening don't think it will hit us properly until we are on the plane. Opening day for the Legato is Sat 15th May so if your in Italy Join us in Cassino!!! (Sorry Shar - stole your words!! lol)

I can't believe that it was only 4 months ago that Kay approached me about the possibility of organising an exhibition of NZ art in Cassino. It's amazing what you can achieve in 4 very short months if you are passionate enough about a cause. And this is one that was so easy to be passionate about - Peace - and Remembrance.

40 incredibly talented NZ artist have come together to create a NZ first in art exhibitions. Not only is it great to be part of history but for history to be part of this event. Now it's our job to make an awesome future together from it.

Arts on Sunday - Radio NZ

Tune in this Sunday at 1:40pm (tomorrow) to Radio NZ - Arts on Sunday. Lynn Freeman interviewed Legato Exhibition Organiser Kay De Latour this week, Syd Mainsbridge (Cassino Vet and father of one of the artists involved) and myself earlier this week. See the link below for program details.

Hmmm hope I don't sound too much like a dork!! ;-)

Anything Goes ......

Open now until May 29th at the Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna, Auckland. Anything goes is a fabulous exhibition involving 31 North Island Artists from the NZ Art Guild. A really diverse range of artworks from truly talented NZ artists.

I was very excited to sell 5 out of 11 of my artworks on opening night - 2 to a lovely couple that I met on Facebook - one who is an artist themselves and the other a fabulous interior designer!! The other three sold as a set to a lovely lady from Cambridge - who has now been added as a friend on facebook too. As Lynda said - I can now afford to eat gelato in Italy!! lol

On a more disapointing note ... one of our members Claire Fairweather who creates the most amazing Art-Brroches had one of her pieces stolen between hanging day and opening night. Read the article belwo - and if you see this artwork please let her know.

Urban Living - fabulous new magazine

Urban Living is a fabulous new magazine launched today by the same publishers as Business to Business and Rural Living Magazines. Check out this great article written by Virin Gomber with quotes from me and featuring artworks by NZ Art Guild members - Donna, Massey, Sandra Toornstra and me (Sophia Elise).

Final Artwork for Legato Exhibition completed

Only this week have I managed to find the time to complete my artwork for the Legato Exhibition in Italy. A dear friend of mine gave me this idea - (thanks Tim!!)

Artist: Sophia Elise
Title: Journey of Life
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 38cm x 76cm

This artwork represents the life journey of a young man who has gone to war. The dotted paths represent the life he travelled - the texture of the canvas the difficulties and obstacles he was faced with and the cross his life's journey tragically cut short.

Howick RSA preshowing of Legato Artworks

A couple of weeks ago the Howick RSA very kindly hosted us at their wonderful venue for 13 of the Legato Artists to show some of their artworks. This was a fabulous opportunity to talk with the members of the RSA and especially Watty McEwen who is a Cassino Veteran.

Anzac story leads to special work of art
TV3 were at Howick RSA where there was a small group of the Legato artists showed some of their artworks. Cassino Vet Watty McEwen was presented with a very special artwork done by Auckland artist Merv Appleton. Read and watch the story by following the link above.
Presentation of Merv Appletons artwork from Barry to Watty

Some of the artists - left to right - Lorraine Beattie, Gail Boyle, Gilmore Wall, Merv Appleton, Sally Blyth, Sophia Elise and Angela Laby - artwork by Angela Laby.

Watty McEwen being intervied by Sophia Elise and TV3 news

Artworks by Sally Blyth, Gail Boyle, Merv Appleton, Gidon Bing, Sophia Elise, Pam Tapp

Artworks by Lorraine Beattie, Sally Blyth, Sophia Elise

Legato Exhibition in the News

Bit of a catch up for me - the last month has been crazy busy with wonderful events and happenings all over NZ. My focus as you know has primarily been the Legato Exhibition in Cassino, Italy and I was very fortunate to have two front page newspaper articles in one week about my involvement ....
Albany and East Coast Bays News in Auckland

and the North Shore Times Advertiser with fabulous fellow NZ Art Guild members and artist Gail Boyle.