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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Glamorgan School Fundraiser ....

If I wasn't already busy enough with an exhibition which launched this week, finalising travel and plans for Italy next week and completing artworks - I was approached by our fabulous charity auctioneer about a fundraiser at his son's school. I couldn't say no to this one - I love the concept!!

All the children are going to create an artwork which will then be exhibited. On the opening evening parents will be able to "buy" their child's artwork and children will be awarded prizes. There will also be a charity auction of about 8 artworks to help raise funds for the school.

Tony asked me if I would judge it - and as much as I would have loved to have (I tried to convince him to change the date eve lol) I will be in Italy. So my good friend, artist and fellow BOT member at MAC - Natalie Bliss will take on this challenge. In actual fact she couldn't be more perfect as she is also a children's art teacher!

I then had to put out a call to our members for donations - and within a couple of hours I had enough. Amazing to see such generous spirit of giving from artists - I know they are constantly asked to donate - probably more than any other group of people. And I am always humbled by their generosity. The artworks are great - very diverse with something to appeal to everyone.

Thanks to all the wonderful artists who offered donations - I'm so sorry we couldn't take all the artworks - but there are two other fundraisers coming up a bit later this year where we will need more artworks. Fundraiser for the Mental Health Foundation of NZ and for North Shore Women's Centre.

Above is the artwork I have donated for this fundraiser - Passion - Mixed media and resin.

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