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Saturday, July 14, 2007

What's next for me??

Well at the moment I'm working on a few smaller pieces - my dotty ones from my journey of life series. These will be exhibited at the N Z Art Guild Annual Exhibition in August at the Bruce Mason Centre. Most of my time has gone into coordinating it rather than painting for it! lol

It will be a great event - so make sure you dont miss the opening night!! Everyone is welcome and its free!!

Puddling Jewels

Title: Puddling Jewels
Media: Mixed media - fabirc, acrylic and resin
Size: 36cm x 78cm
You cant see the colour variation int his either ... I think I need to upgrade my camera! lol
The texture is amazing and the resined areas have metallic paint under them.

Ribbons Of Life

This piece is very difficult to photograph ... the variations in red done show up unfortunately. All the dots are handpainted in metallic gold and black. Another in my journey of life series.
Title: Ribbons of Life
Size: 38cm x 76cm
Media: Acrylic
For Sale: Contact me

Parting of the Ways

I reworked this one - still has the same meaning and inspiration behind it - but I have just incoporated my journey of life series into it.
TITLE: Parting of the Ways
MATERIALS: Acrylic, fabric and resin on canvas
SIZE: 25cm x 50cm x 3.5cm
Very typical of my minimalist style. Painted in red, black and white. Fabric has been applied with resin over the top. The resin drips off the sides in opposite directions (hard to see in the photo sorry)
There was a lot of different things that inspired this peice. It is very personal and reflects where I am in my life at the moment. The colours are in keeping with lot of my art lately...white and black symbolising truth/honest and lies/decpetion. Red emotions.
However there is another interpretation - red and black representing two seperate people. The white the area where they are trying to blend in harmony.The material is meshed, representing a ladder for personal growth. Also a seive, some things we take with us others we leave behind.
The colours crossing over into the mesh of the other. Even when you part you still take away something of the other person with you. The two pieces never quite meeting in this relationship, finally parting and going their own ways.
The resin is the inevitable tears and heartbreak. Going in different directions.
"to be trusted is a greater complement than to be loved" - George McDonald

Inner Circle

Title: Inner Circle
Size: 30cm x 40cm
Media: Mixed Media - resin, acrylic and texture
SOLD - Now in Australia

Golden Chain

The inspiration for this piece comes from the passage below. We were raised to believe in this and live our lives this way. Very simple philosphophy that we be great if we could all strive towards.
I am a link in the Golden Chain of love, that stretches round the world.
And I must keep my link bright and strong.
So I will try to be kind and gentle to every living thing I meet
And to protect and help all who are weaker than myself.
I will try to think pure and beautiful thoughts, to speak pure and beautiful words
And do pure and beautiful actions.
May every link in the Golden Chain become bright and strong.
Title: Golden Chain
Size: 30cm x 80 cm
Media: Acrylic and mixed media
For Sale:Contact me

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Resinlove - Bruce Mason Centre

Catherine Outwin and I had a fantastic array of mixed media and resin artworks on display. for the whole of June. I sold 6 pieces whihc was great - the ones left over are now off to galleries and the Original Art Sale.

Parklane Art Awards

Well on the 20th of June the Parklane Art Awards were held at the new Event centre at the museum.

Not only was it a fantastic event and venue but the art was brilliant. 25 artworks from around NZ were auctioned off for charity - Kids Can Trust.

My artwork was sold for $1200 - YAY!