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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recession is ...... over!!

Yes well that is def the feeling I'm getting here - art sales and commissions are on the rise again and that is usually a good sign that people are feeling more comfortable about their money and financial situations.

I've been very fortunate since the beginning of April to have sold 10 artworks and gained a couple of commissions too. Many artists will tell you that if they have artworks sitting around for months on end and they aren't making any sales then it can start to sap your creativity - you just can feel very down and question what the point is ... makes you doubt your talent ... your ability and style. So this is why the increased sales are doubly exciting.

The torso that I did for Legato has proved really popular and have had many enquiries including a couple of commissions - unfortunately the commissions for these are on the back burner while I try and clear some of my work - thank goodness for patient buyers!!! You know who you are. ;-)

It certainly has been full on with exhibitions for me this year I currently have work being exhibited in Napier and this weekend in Auckland at the Original Art Sale and then next week is the opening of our annual members exhibition in Takapuna - not to mention that I have an exhibition in Dunedin next month, Auckland again in September, October, November and December!

I will try to load the details BEFORE the events so that people can come along if they wish. :-)

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