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Sunday, July 11, 2010

What makes someone inspirational?

Just lately I've been thinking about this a lot - what is it that makes someone inspirational?

I admire people for many different reason - the lady who adopted 4 girls with Downs Syndrome - She's inspirational to me because I don't think I could ever have done that - that takes a huge amount of dedication, love and sacrifice.

The man who was on Gladiator today with a prosthetic leg who not only competed but also completed the whole course - I couldn't even do that as an able body person so to me he is inspirational.

The man on Good Sorts segment last week who fought to save lives with a new system for organ donations - and then to be the first one to actually have his body used for organ donation under the new system.

So many people giving selflessly of their time with various charities - looking after others - making peoples lives better each day.

Listening to Ray Avery talk on Thursday - that man is amazing - from simple ideas he has managed to change millions of peoples lives all over the world. Incredible to think it came out of his garage in Mt Eden - from a desire to help people.

So many different people that I find inspiring and just as many reasons - my list could go on forever. It does includes personal attributes - usually some quality that I don't see in myself and a quality that I would like to have. Seeing what these people achieve makes you want to be a better person - to give more - do more and be more grateful.

I have been told an a few occasions that I'm an inspiration to someone - and I always feels a bit gobsmacked - flattered naturally - but I do ask why? I honestly don't see myself any differently from the people that have said this to me. In fact they have sometimes even been an inspiration to me! Therefore to find out that I have in some way inspired them is very humbling.

I feel grateful that we are not only surrounded by many wonderful role models - but people who inspire us in every day lives - and they aren't necessarily the richest or most famous - they are our mums, dads, friends, children, friends, colleagues etc

I would love to hear who inspires you? Or just even what characteristics you find inspirational?

2 comments: said...

For me its the guy who has no legs but runs a marathon...

Or the young child dying from a rare disease that has taken on a cause what he feels is greater than his own...

Anyone that 'deserves' the right to lay down and die that does completely the opposite. Those are the ones that I find inspiration in.

Great post and full inspiration in itself. Thanks for sharing!

Sophia Elise said...

Hi, Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts - I love the way you summarised it - and I completely degree - that inner strnegth that shines through despite the odds :-)