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Thursday, September 9, 2010

School Art Day

A few weeks ago my daughter (year 4) asked me if I could come to school and teach art for the day. Apparently she had told her class I'm a "famous" artist because I'm on google - and of course I run this "huge" art organisation across NZ. Wow - after that kind of lead up how could I say no. lol

I have to say the thought of teaching groups of children art for a whole day terrified me - trying to think of an activity they could complete in an hour - and of course having never taught children art in my life! arghhh! What was I going to do - aside form freak out and have anxiety attacks?

Anyway - once the panic subsided I thought about the things my kids liked doing - and one was when we did a mini collaborative project artwork like the NZ Art Guild does each year. Perfect - that's what I was going to do. Only thing was I didn't want to use paints (my medium) because of the mess and time constraints. So I decided a dry medium would be better.

I nearly died when they sent home the form telling the kids I was teaching drawing skills - what the ...? Anyone who know me and my art knows that I do abstract - drawing is well and truly out of my sphere of things I do. And as my kids put it - "mum does abstract cos she can't draw real stuff" Thanks guys! lol

The day was a great success - the kids were an absolute delight - and I have a renewed admiration for teachers - man what an exhausting day - I really don't know how they do it - thank you to all the wonderful teachers out there!!

All the children had the same image and colours to work with and were given the same set of instruction s and theme to create to. I really wanted to see how they all interpreted it and I wasn't disappointed with the results - they let their creativity and imaginations go.

Many of you have asked what the finished artworks were like so I have added them here. The best thing about it was hearing them go "wow, awesome, amazing etc" once they saw it all put together. They really were gobsmacked at what they had all managed to achieve together.


createwall said...

Really beautiful canvas prints,Great use of paints colors and textures, your work is oustanding!!! What a unique style you have.Keep it up...!!

Heide E. said...

congratulations, to you, the young artists, yes, and the teachers!
I am a teacher, too and I really appreciate your new sight of teacher's work! Thank you so much!
I think it's great that you took the oportunity, although there was "panic" involved - but it all seems to me like a oppotunity made in heaven, made by the goddesses ;-) so I am sure there have only been winners on ALL sides, for everyone who has been involved! Just wonderful! I love the idea with the heart in the center!!! Warm regards from Heide

Sophia Elise said...

Hi Heide - I LOVE teachers!! :-) Really admire the work that you do! It was a really special experience and I received several thank you cards and letters form the children expressing how much they loved it and what they thought of the project etc - was so worhtwhile on many different levels! :-) Thank you for taking the time to comment xx