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Monday, June 6, 2011

Please take 10 seconds to vote for me to help me win an AMP Scholarship

Please take 10 seconds to vote for me to help me win an AMP Scholarship ....

AMP are offering scholarships to New Zealanders from all walks of life to help them "do their thing". Everyone who has applied for an AMP scholarship is in the running to win the AMP People's Choice Award ($10,000) Please vote for me to help me me win so that I can "do my thing".

It's really easy to vote - click on this link (or cut and paste into your browser) and then click the vote button

So what's my thing? 
Helping NZ visual artists achieve success.  I have devoted the last 7 years of my life to creating a nationwide organisation that provides promotion, support, resources and opportunities to NZ visual artists of all career stages and mediums.  The NZ Art Guild is an award winning organisation which has been formed into a charitable trust this year. 

What would I do with the $10,000?
I want to create a professional development programme for visual artists that includes workshops, elearning,  mentoring, coaching and much more.  It will offer quality, accessible, affordable, innovative and  practical education that will transform starving artists into thriving ones by teaching them sustainable business practices. 

Why do I want to win? Winning the $10,000 would enable me to create an education and mentoring programme therefore helping hundreds of NZ visual artists achieve success by becoming confident, independent practitioners.
By voting for me and helping me win, you will be
- helping and supporting many visual artists achieve success and fulfill their goals
- improving New Zealands creative economy
- engaging the public in our rich arts culture
- taking NZ art into the international market

How can you help me achieve this goal?
Besides voting for me - I would LOVE and appreciate if you would share this link ( with all your friends, family, colleagues etc  You can even click the share button on my AMP page to send it direct to your facebook and twitter pages.

Want to learn more about me professionally?

Thank you for taking the time to support me and NZ visual artists.


Soul Hiker said...

Hi Sophia,

I voted for you :) GOOD LUCK and good job.


Sophia Elise said...

Thanks so much for your support Gilbert! Much appreciated :-)