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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm so excited!!! Italy here we come ....

It's amazing how friendships can form in this modern age - and one of these friendships I count as very special one is with a very talented artist and incredibly inspirational lady who lives half the world away in Italy. This lady Kay de Lautour Scott had a vision many years ago and never lost sight of it. This year the start of that vision is coming true.

We have been talking this week, arranging a very exciting opportunity for NZ Artists and also the larger project of spreading the message of World Peace. Yes it seems like a bit task - where to start - well start small and the small ripples will flow out and get bigger and bigger.

So what is it? Where are we starting?

With an exhibition in Cassino, Italy. The vision of this exhibition is to spread the message of world peace. The theme is "Peace" and "Remembrance" in memory of the fallen soldiers and civilians in Italy, particularly those involved at the Battle of Cassino where many New Zealanders fought and lost their lives during World War II.
The exhibition, hosted by the Cassino Comune, will be held in the Biblioteca Comunale Pietro Malatesta, Via Del Carmine, Cassino (FR), from 15th - 29th May 2010.

I will be exhibiting and attending the exhibition. The NZ Art Guild will be co-ordinating the artists from NZ.

For any NZ Artists reading this who would like to be involved here are some more details
Artists Requirements
1) Artists need to have an association with the Battle of Cassino (ideally) or World War II.
2) Artists work needs to be of a professional high quality and artists will be selected based on their portfolios/artwork images presented.
3) Artists are invited to attend in person (self funded)
4) There is no charge to be involved with this exhibition but artists will need to be self funding for transport and insurance of artworks to Italy. (We are currently seeking sponsorship for shipping costs).
5) Artists and their families will be encouraged to visit the battlefields, war cemeteries and other places of interest in the area. Tours to the battlefields and museums will be arranged to suit individuals.

The venue, promotion and invitations will be funded by the Cassino Comune. Assistance can be available to find appropriate accommodation in or near Cassino, and with organizing travel arrangements within the region (English is not widely spoken in the Cassino area).

Please contact me by 29th Jan 2010 - (Cassino as the subject) if you are interested in being involved with this fabulous project and if you require more information.

Such an exciting project and opportunity - I look forward to updating you regularly about this. :-)

1 comment:

Kay said...

Thanks Sophia... for those lovely words and your enthusiasm and efficiency. (But did you mean to make me cry? Let's blame tiredness!)

It will be so good to finally meet you in person! We are very definitely, as you put it in an email, on the same page with this.

Teary smiles and sunshine from wintery Italy...