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Friday, January 15, 2010

Wonderful people

Title: Untitled
Size: 25cm x 25cm
Media: Acrylic on canvas
Artist: Sophia Elise
FOR SALE: Contact $85

Today I'm grateful for the wonderful, kind, generous souls we meet in everyday life.

On Wednesday my son tore his karate gi - and not at a seam that I could repair but through the fabric (don't ask me how! lol) So that night I went straight onto Trademe (don't you love the beauty of second hand internet shopping) and found a gi for him.

I sent the lovely lady (Jill) a message asking if she could please put a "buy now"option on it as I needed it for next Wednesday. She not only replied straight away, put a cheap price on it, offered me free belts but was unsure of postage costs and simply said to me ..... don't worry about payment now - I will put it in the post tomorrow and let you know how much it cost - she said noone should have to repair a gi!

Such a lovely lady - living in rural Dunedin that I had never met who through a common bond of motherhood and her genoristy of spirit has taken it upon herself to help me out by getting it to Auckland asap.

These are the people who warm your spirit and reinforce your gratitude for the simple things in life. Thank you Jill for making me smile :-)

1 comment:

Immy said...

Thank you SO much for your lovely surprise! The reason for any niceness on my part,was because of similar vibes I picked up from you. Now I see your picture and your work,I see why. A lovely lady (even if you refuse to mend a Gi!!)