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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

WISDOM - Decembers Theme

There are so many different interpretations and definitions of wisdom. Most people agree that wisdom is not simply knowledge of facts or education but something that is developed through experience - not taught.

A wise person displays many characteristics some being knowledge of facts, experiences, knowing and understanding people and having empathy. They can make connections between things, think logically, make projections, apply insights,discern the needs and motivations behind people and have the ability to find the right balance that maximises the overall good. They also have a good philosophy in life which is balanced between what is good for ones self, for other individuals and for society. And above all they have self discipline - To consistently do what should be done without anyone making you do it. This does not come naturally and has to be learned.

In brief - Having experience, knowledge and understanding together with the power of applying all three with prudence, practicality, discretion and common sense; the heart and center of proper moral and intellectual judgment.

The Rule of Wisdom, (according to Mr. Andrews): "A wise judgment, action, or decision is one that brings the greatest good to the greatest number, both in the short run and in the long run, while at the same time thwarting evil intentions and minimizing negative outcomes."

I hope these quotes over the next month will help define what wisdom means to you...and maybe help you on your path to becoming wise.

Make wisdom one of your life goals.

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