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Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a week ...!

Working 70 - 80 hours a week can get a bit tiring esp when you can see no end in sight - but the positive is when you can look back and see what you've achieved ...

The biggest thing this week is the NZ Art Guild new website - now hopefully this will go live Monday - its FANTASTIC! Really exciting - it really easy to use and navigate - offers far more promotional opportunities for members - online store and much much more! So keep an eye out!

This week we also had 3 more businesses approach the NZ Art Guild to establish a discount relationship for our members which is awesome!

On a down note we have made the hard decision to make the NZ Art Guild Art Awards a Biennial event rather than annual. The economy now is really hard on business owners esp with the elections looming ...

However, well known NZ artist Sofia Minson approached me with a fantastic idea for an event for Feb at the Bruce Mason Centre - so keep and eye out for more details ... its going to be big!

This week I collected and delivered all the fabulous donations from NZ Art Guild members who are participating in the NZ Health Industry Awards and UNICEF Charity Auction - what an amazing collection that is. The organisers were so excited and impressed with the calibre too. My kids were particularly fond of Beate Minderjahns range of positive fashions for kids - with slogans on tshirt and caps - so they are now very proud owners of their own sets!

On a personal note I was approached this week by a company who sell original NZ greeting cards, prints, calenders etc. They want to reproduce my dot series onto cards - perfect timing too esp with Christmas just round the corner - so I've been busy with them trying to sort that out. Once that's all finalised I will post a link here so you can check them out - and buy them of course! lol

And of course - tomorrow we have the Vegetarian Lifestyle Festival where we are exhibiting artwork - so I have to get things organised for that too.

Throw my nursing work, trust board meeting, kids, kids birthdays into the mix and you can see why I haven't posted all week. lol

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