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Friday, July 3, 2009

NZ Art Guild reveal Ngatahi

Last night was the opening night of the NZ Art Guild Annual members exhibition "Out of the Blue" as well as a Charity Art Auction to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation of NZ.

We had a fantastic turnout - over 200 people. All 15 auction artworks sold - including the show piece - Ngatahi. We raised in total nearly $7000 for Mental Health Foundation.

In addition to this there were 14 other sales of exhibition artworks. So a great result all round and a really fun evening full of life and fun.

Unfortunately Campbell Live pulled out last minute due to a more urgent news story so if you were waiting glued to your TV last night to see it all I'm sorry. However, if you're in the area the exhibition is on for the whole month at the Bruce Mason Centre so go on down - have a look and buy some fantastic original artwork form our very talented artists.

Now - what you have all been waiting to see ..... We are very excited to be able to reveal the NZ Art Guild 2009 Collaborative Project "Ngatahi"


Row 1: Rochelle May van der Werff, Sharlene Schmidt, Marimba Powley, Silver Dunlop, Paulette Shepherd, Rochelle May van der Werff, Jane Bold, Bobby Shen

Row 2: Helen McNamara, Wendy Matthews, Angela Laby, Cheryl Irwin, Sophia Elise, Carol Winterburn, Gail Boyle, Beate Minderjahn

Row 3: Shan Li Chen, Sandra Toornstra, RifRaf, Teresa Rodger, Christine Dempster, Trish Macready, Jen Longshaw, Sarah Marrs

Row 4: Tessa Birks, Juliet Cryns, Sally Blyth, Viv Hansen, Ronda Turk, Cath Sheard, Jennifer Christiansen, Ron Esplin

Row 5: Victoria Anderson, Rachel Inch, Mandy Hague, Tineswari Maruthamuthu, Melissa Muirhead, Catherine Outwin, Mereana Slade, Sharlene Ngatupuna,

Row 6: Michelle Whitehouse, Fiona Woods, Elspeth Alix Batt, Pam Buffery, Kirsty Black, Helen Sherrock, Linda Lloyd, Jane Santos

Row 7: Sophia Elise, Shelly van Soest, Terri Dangen, Anni Morris, Chris Cruickshank, Sofia Spirtova, Jude Blake, Sharon Burger

Row 8: Melissa Muirhead, Chavah Kinloch, Tanya Dann, Rebecca Shrimpton, Natasha Wheeler, Sue McPhee , Linda Paul, Helen Frost

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