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Friday, July 31, 2009

Stranger Things - Mixed Media abstract art

Title: Stranger Things
Artist: Sophia Elise
Media: Mixed Media and Acrylic
Inspired by: Minstrels - performed by Arthur Rubenstein

Another one that is currently being exhibited at the Melodious Art Exhibition in Howick. There is some fantastic diverse art on display - make the time to go and visit and have a bite to eat in there great cafe.

Dennis Clark is a new member to the NZ Art Guild although he has many years experience as an artist and art tutor - in fact I'm attending an art workshop of his tomorrow at his studio in Torbay and I can't wait! He wrote this fantastic poem that I just have to share

An Artist's Dilemma
Dennis L. Clark

When the memory will not work
And inspiration falls down flat,
Frustration round the corners lurk,
And you don't know where you're at.

That's when you have to search the heart
and look inside your very soul
to find the answer from the start
As you through the remembrance stroll.

Just let your senses play their part
As you reflect upon the theme.
Let the enthusiasm of you art,
Your thoughts, produce a happy gleam.

Just when you thought you have the plot
A blankness fills the space around
The very thoughts you thought you got
Now find their place below the ground.

Don't let the worries of your life
Produce a clouding of despair.
Gather up your paints and brushes:
Paint away your every care

Fill the canvas with colours bold,
Let the colours flow as they may
Producing colours, warm, not cold
As you brush your cares away.

Applying paint with much abandon
And weaving patterns to declare
Fright must fly away, forgotten:
Determination got you there.


Take a look at Dennis' art and his workshops -

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