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Saturday, November 22, 2008

What's on your bucket list?

Last year the movie "The Bucket List"sparked a lot of conversation, lists and even websites. For those not familiar with it it was a movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman who have nothing in common except terminal illness. They hit to road to complete their "bucket lists" - things to do before they die.

People all over the world have been writing lists which include outrageous things like searching for extraterrestrials, to sky diving, to visiting the South Pole to reconciling with estranged family.

My best friend was very ill a few months ago and we started to write a list for her of the things she wanted to do - they were sooo simple ... walk on a beach with white sand, have a day spa and be pampered and to see friends and family. One was harder due to finances - to go on a cruise - we now have an agreement - whoever wins lotto pays for the cruise ... keep your fingers crossed.

I've never written one - I tend to live in the now - (makes life a lot let stressful! lol) but it did get me thinking ... if I were to write one - what would be on it? .... really only a couple of things.

Mine is definitely simple - friends, family, laughter, food, sing and dance. There were two specifics which are very personal and I suddenly realised they shouldn't be on a bucket list ..... if they made it there - they are important enough to deal with here and now surely? Regarding material things - I find that hard since I've never been a person that wanted the next xyz, or the best or expensive things, - it's just has never been my focus in life.

What's on your bucket list?

I think that is one of the secrets to happiness. To have a short bucket list with only simple things on it. It's a reflection that you are really happy with life - with where you are and what you have. This was a good exercise for me - writing a bucket list made me feel gratitude.


One Fine Weasel said...

i love your blog!

found it on a link from Sandra Toornstra's, which i found on the TLC website (im an ex-TLCer).

great stuff, & very inspiring. iv come away with a smile on my face so thanks for that.

just thought i should let you know!

Sophia Elise said...

Hi - thank you - you made my day :-)

Sometimes you feel like you're talking to yourself when you're writing your blog and forget that there are some people that will read it :-)

BTW - I can sympathise completely with your latest blog posts!