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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Clear Clutter

Clear Clutter

Clearing clutter is a great first therapeutic step in simplifying your life. Seriously, it’s not just for tidy freaks! Re-organise your home and work space and you will simultaneously boost your productivity while reducing your stress levels.

First, identify all the areas that need your attention, prioritise your problem areas, then commit to a clutter busting plan. A great tip, is to start with what is bothering you most, whether it's a stash of phone messages or old files. If you hate that pile of papers on your desk, start there. If it’s a junk room or cupboard threatening to explode, tackle that first.

Focus on a little bit of clutter at a time, rather than attempting a major overhaul in one sitting. Consider re-organising filing cabinets, drawers, what could be better used elsewhere, what is no longer required?

Rest assured, that after your initial clear-out, once you have set up new systems, regular maintenance won't be nearly as daunting. For example, to keep on top of everything use the well known 4 D:
(1) Do it now (if it takes less than a minute)
(2) Deal with it later (but schedule a time for this)
(3) Delegate it or
(4) Ditch or delete it. Use this trick and you will no longer have disorganised piles of paperwork threatening to topple or an out of control in-box.

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