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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Catch up time!

WOW! 4 days since I last posted - things have been chaotic!
Sunday night I finished my artwork - and here's the photo finally - not the best sorry
Title: Lifes Battle
Media: Mixed Media - Flax weave and acrylic on canvas
Size: 90cm x 60cm
This artwork is about the battles that we face on an often daily basis - some are bigger than others - some times it's smooth sailing - the texture represents all these different periods in our lives.
The dot part is from my journey of life series and represents the different paths that we take in life - the twists and turns, the branches ....
Life is harder for some - that's the reality - and we all need to realise that every person we meet in life may be bearing some kind of load that we cannot see ... treat everyone with love, sensitivity and understanding.

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