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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Envy - is a wasted emotion and stops happiness

Title: Truth #1
Media: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 25cm x 25cm

Why is it that people seem to rank their happiness based on what they have, compared with others? Envy in not only a waste of time, it creates dissatisfaction and denies us contentment. Not to mention it's an insult to ourselves and entirely self imposed.

There is nothing to be gained from envy - the reality is we all know people who are richer, better looking, more intelligent - so what? Thinking like this only stops you from appreciating your own uniqueness and decreases your self worth.

Concentrating on your own blessings and improving lives of others is going to generate more satisfaction than comparing yourself with the Joneses. Also remember, you don't always know what the Joneses are actually going through - and if you did you may just prefer your own life instead.

The route to happiness is not by comparing yourself with others - nor is it by begrudging others their blessings - count your own instead and combine it with a strong sense of purpose.

Four ways towards happiness through purposeful action is
1. Deep love and family commitment.
2. Meaningful work and career.
3. Social and political involvement.
4. Transcendency and spirituality.

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