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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Reach Out Revealed - NZ Art Guild 2008 Collaborative Project

Here is it - finally after all these months!!

Measuring 1.27m x 1.52m this artwork is huge in talent and size!

Many different pieces make it up and to see individual photos of each of the 90 artworks please go to

88 artists have contributed to 'Reach Out' by creating one small individual artwork each. They were provided with a small wooden panel and given a theme to paint to. The theme this year is 'On your mind' and interpretation of this is entirely up to the artists. When all of these individual artworks are combined they create an overall image and a stunning one of a kind artwork measuring 1.27m x 1.52m. The overall image of the collaborative artwork is kept secret, even from those participating in it, until the unveiling of the artwork on the opening night of the NZ Art Guild annual exhibition - Make it Memorable

Artists: 88 individual NZ Art Guild Artists painting 90 separate panels
Media: Wood (some artists have incorporated mixed media also)
Size: 1270 x 1520mm
Extras: Sold with hanging brackets, artist list & informational story
Designed by: Sophia Elise, Melissa Muirhead and Tanya Dann

To be listed on Trademe at 8pm Saturday 19th July - auction closes 8pm 29th July

20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS (Rows 1 - 9 left to right)

1.Erika Hussellmann 2.Trish Muir 3.William Rutledge 4.Ronda Turk 5.Rochelle van der Werff 6.Jude Blake 7.Megan Morris 8.Sophia Elise 9.Viv Hansen

10.Sharon Burger 11.Julia Dungan 12.Jen Longshaw 13.Carol Winterburn 14.Tessa Birks 15.Damian Barnshaw 16.John Sargeant 17.Lisz Bodsworth 18.Margaret Ngawaka

19.Tereana Davies 20.Wendy Murphy 21.Catherine Outwin 22.Donna Steel 23.Angela Laby 24.Trish MacReady 25.Sher Green 26.Wendy Matthews 27.Helen West

28.Deanna Gracie 29.Christine Dempster 30.Tanya Dann 31.Sophia Elise 32.Melissa Muirhead 33.Lynn Morrison 34.Anne Lengauer 35.Terri Dangen 36.Maria Hartley

37.Jennifer Christiansen 38.Eleanor Wenman 39.Melissa Muirhead 40.Anni Morris 41.Beate Minderjahn 42.Ingrid Boot 43.Tineswari Maruthamuthu 44.Cath Sheard 45.Sandra Toornstra

46.Rachael Inch 47.Paulette Shepherd 48.Pam Buffery 49.Tracey Stringer 50.Elissa Ramsey 51.Tony Brown 52.Des Lattey 53.RifRaf 54.Marlene Faithfull

55.Ricky Kazmierczak 56.Shiree Meikle 57.Shelley Van Soest 58.Lyn Hurring 59.Elspeth Alix Batt 60.Lyn Murray 61.Liz de King 62.Chris Cruickshank 63.Cheryl Irwin

64.Jane Bold 65.Tracy MacDonald 66.Natalie Makeef 67.Silver Dunlop 68.Kelly Gatchell Hartley 69.Helen McNamara 70.Peter Augustin 71.Sally Blyth 72.Cairyn Tomokino

73.Joanne Louise 74.Bobby Shen 75.Natasha Wheeler 76.Alison Mulgrew 77.Lesley Carew 78.Sharlene Ngatapuna 79.Ron Esplin 80.Michele Bluck 81.Fiona Woods

82.Gail Boyle 83.Kirsty Black 84.Jane Santos 85.Lynette McKinstrie 86.Sarah Jayne Woodward 87.Chavah Kinloch 88.Teresa Rodger 89.Michele McCreedy-Shaw 90.Jan Amohia

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