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Monday, December 4, 2006

Wisdom # 4

TITLE: Wisdom #4
MATERIALS: Acrylic, resin and modelling paste on canvas
SIZE: 25cm x 25cm x 3.5cm

Heavily textured. Painted in blue, brown (pale) and metallic gold. The words have resin poured over them giving it a really glassy appearance. The brown symbolises the earth (stoop)...the blue the sky (soar)...and gold wisdom.

The words read "Wisdom is oftimes nearer when we stoop that when we soar"


damask22 said...

Sophia really love the colours you used in this piece. Hope you get a good price for it. Also thanks for posting a link to my blog- I've put one to yours on mine as well.


Sophia Elise said...

Thanks so much Jen! I'm not usually a blue person...but for some reason this month it seems to be featuring a lot! Just love your animal portraits...youre such a talented artist! :) S