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Monday, February 5, 2007

Autumn Harvest

TITLE: Autumn Harvest
SIZE: 76cm x 38cm
MEDIA: Acrylic, modelling paste, leaves, black mica and resin on canvas
Gifted to my father and his wife for their new home in Australia
Heavily textured with modelling paste. The brown lines have black mica in them which make them glisten in the light. The leaves are skeleton leaves painted metallic gold then have resin poured over them giving them a really glassy appearance.


Tanya said...

Sophia, this is my FAVE of all, I really LOVE this one. I have been eyeing it for ages.... you know my b'day's coming up... LOL. Just JOKING!!! I will have to buy it if someone else doesn't first!

Sophia Elise said...

hehehehe Hey Tan! thanks so much looks even better in the flesh! I've held onto it for ages cos I really like it too...nice to know I'm not alone. :)