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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Reworking paintings - Islands in the Stream (of life) I had several artworks I just wasn't completely happy at the moment my painting a day is reworking all of them. Would you beleive the one I did two days ago is the one I reworked tonight! lol
Let me know which you prefer...take one or take two :)

TITLE: Islands in the Stream (of life) - Take 2
SIZE: 20cm x 40cm
MEDIA: Acrylic and crystal gel on canvas

The textured areas have a crystal gel medium in it. The dots are handpainted - black, white and grey.

The textured areas are the Islands in life...the obstacles put in our path.....we can let them stop us or we can find a way around them. Lifes path is never straight....sometimes you feel like youre going round in circles but you are always making progress in some way.....

I'm back to feeling all inspired again...can't wait to finish reworking the other 2 I started....its all very exciting!

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