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Saturday, February 17, 2007


TITLE: Families
SIZE: 20cm x 40cm
MEDIA: Acrylic and flax weave on canvas

The whole canvas has been covered with a weaved flax mat, painted black then dark green brushed over. The dots are all hand painted again - green, lime green and metallic gold.

This painting has significance in several ways.. The flax weaving and korus used in this piece are very traditional NZ - from the Maori culture. The flax weaving to me represents lives weaving together, laying down foundations for everything else....The korus represent rebirth, spiritual growth etc.... reaching higher and higher.
I was talking to a counsellor this week, who was reminding me of something very basic in relationships. When you meet your partner you feel that you "click" are alike, have common bonds etc. But in reality you don't. The assumptions you make are the downfall of your relationship. You both come from different families...who had different values, beliefs and ways of doing things (yes even if you are both from the same culture you can't assume you were raised the same way) Then you add in the other influences in your life...other relationships you have...what may have worked in one...and been ok...just isn't in this one.

Families look the same on the outside...but look closer...and its not quite as it seems.
Anyway...I could go on and on....but that just gives you a little insight into this artwork.


Moira Marshall said...

Wow! Love this one Sophia!!

Sophia Elise said...

Hey Moira! thanks sooo much! I'm really pleased with how this one turned out and am looking forward to doing more like this! :)