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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another gallery closes

Well it sure is a sad time for the arts in NZ at the moment - the economic climate has affected everyones disposable income with the flow on effect being that people have to tighten their budgets to afford essentials. There isnt any left to "indulge" in the arts thus artists and galleries are feeling the pinch. The latest caualty is The Garage and Gallery in Christchurch.

I guess if artists want to survive this economic downturn they are going to have to look at alternative sale outlets - like overseas galleries or corporate art rentals etc ....

1 comment:

Kay said...

I think you have answered this yourself... alternative spaces for displaying art, in garden centres, coffee bars, for those who are not in the big-spending league.

Artist cooperatives hiring buildings for a short time will also emerge.

Over here I paint to order, not enjoying it particularly, but it is better than not having work. Occasionally I do the maths... for these local works I pay my gardener to cut the grass among the rocks much more than I earn myself on an hourly rate!

ah well... back to work, this time to paint somehting different, the next exhibition is only two weeks away!