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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Art has no boundaries

The quote below was a very timely one sent to me by one of my dearest friends today.

Yesterday I received in the mail a surprise - a book all the way from France - about French abstract artists - wow!! Not only a lovely surprise and stunning artworks - but even a personal dedication from one of the artists - this was all courtesy of my Aunt who resides in France and freely admits she knows nothing about art - and hadn't even seen the book! lol

Art is our one true global language. It knows no nation. It favors no race. It acknowledges no class. It speaks to our need to heal, reveal and transform. It transcends our ordinary lives and lets us imagine what is possible. It creates a dialogue between individuals, and communication between communities. It allows us to see and to listen to each other. - Richard Kamler

I think that says it all ...........

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