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Monday, June 16, 2008


Title: Joy
Media: Mixed media and acrylic
Size: 20cm x 20cm
GIFTED to my little sister who fell in love with this piece - love you Steph!

My sisters and I had quite an alternative upbringing by a lot of peoples standards - especially during the 70's. At the time I didn't appreciate how privileged we were to be shown a "different" way of life because I didn't like being different. As children we all just want to fit in - not stand out. Luckily times have changed and with the diverse cultural mix NZ now has we are blessed with being exposed to many different types of culture, religion, traditions, beliefs etc. People are more tolerant - more enquiring - more open minded - ok maybe not everywhere ....

We were raised within a Theosophical family - not many people have heard of Theosophy especially in NZ. We went to Sunday School like other kids except ours was called Round Table and was nothing like an orthodox Sunday School. It is modelled on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It is non denominational and its aims are very simple and universal.

Round Table aims to
1) To create in the minds of the young a recognition of the unity of all people and of all living things.
2) To help the young to be happy and useful members of society.
3) To create conditions for harmonious living and to promote in all ways possible, universal love and compassion by encouraging the young to be of service to all living creatures.

There are several ways in which they promote these aims including
1) Activities that stimulate the spiritual development and inspire the young to become ideal citizens of gracious, courteous and righteous behaviour.
2) By study and teaching of the great heroes of the East and West, such as the legends of King Arthur, which symbolise the Ideal Man, the Chivalrous Knight of Service.
3) By stimulating the love of nature and animals and care of the environment. Starting or conducting our own activities for this purpose or helping such organisations and schools where this is practised.
4) By such activities in which the young can express themselves through the various arts and crafts.
5) By social service where the young can give practical help to the poor, the aged and the suffering.
6) By camps and groups that bring together the children and the young in friendship and understanding.
7) To do all possible to inculcate greatness of character in the young.

There are always a few things that stick in your mind more than others when you're growing up and some phrases from Round Table are there.
Their motto - Live pure, Speak True, Right Wrong, Follow The King.
Who is the King? The perfect/ideal man

I am a link in the Golden Chain of love,
That stretches round the world
And I must keep my link bright and strong.
So I will try to be kind and gentle
To every living thing I meet
And to protect and help all who are weaker than myself.
And I will try to think pure and beautiful thoughts,
To speak pure and beautiful words
And do pure and beautiful actions.
May every link in the Golden Chain
Become bright and strong.

One of the many aspects of Round Table was to encourage the children to practice a certain quality each month - and the quality for the month of June is Joy .............

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