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Saturday, May 24, 2008

How do we define our "best day" ....

Title: Mountains (2004)
Media: Mixed Media and Acrylic painting on canvas

My son and I had a lovely converstaion tonight when I tucked him into bed ....
Son -"I'm not going to smile tonight mum"
Me (concerned that there was something wrong) - "Why's that?"
Son - "My face is soooo sore from smiling all day. This has been the best day in my whole life"
Me (rather surprised ) "That's great to hear. Why was it your best day? "
Son - "It has to be the best day ever because I smiled all day. I smiled so much my face hurts and I just can't smile anymore. But don't worry I'll smile again tomorrow"

I think the most surprising thing (for me) about today was just the normalacy of it - visited friends, had friends over, sang singstar, ate dinner, watched the movie Grease. Nothing unique - nothing especially exciting - quite simple really - but for some reason my little man smiled all day long and will remember it as one of his best days.

How focussed are we on achieving something, receiving something, doing something different in order to make it one of our best days? How many of us describe our best day as one where we simply smiled all day?


Kay said...

This bought tears to my eyes... what a wonderful gift your son has given you.

It made me think... I had been wondering what I want my daily life to look like, as visiting groups and friends have taken me away from painting. It is hard to start again, but I must as it is my work.

Now, when I redefine my working day, I will think about how to include more situations where people smile.

Thank you for sharing this.

Sophia Elise said...

Hi Kay - I feel very blessed with my children - and my son has certainly taught me a lot already in the few short years he's been here. Sometimes his pearls of wisdom really just leave me at a loss for words. It does make you stop and think though - and I wish you many days where you smile as you paint ....

Chavah Kinloch said...

I LOVE this story. It's so simply beautiful.

Sophia Elise said...

Hi Chavah - thank you! I didn't realise when I wrote it that it would touch other people as it touched me. I had an email from each of the friends we saw that day when they read the post and they were so very touched that they were part of it - and without knowing it that they had such a big impact on someone's life. Sometimes it's just the simple things - and we need to remember how wide the ripples of our lives spread ....