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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wahine Ataahua - by Tony Reihana Brown

A couple of days ago my artist friend, Tony Reihana Brown, texted me to tell me he was doing a painting for me (and that he wanted to swap an artwork with me). I was totally blown away - Not only was I humbled by the fact he wanted one of my artworks but I felt truly honoured to receive one of Tony's artworks.

Tony is an amazing artist! - he completed his BVA (Bachelor of Visual Arts) a few years ago - has a studio at Corban's Estate Art Centre and this year he was a finalist in the NZAG Art Awards (which is how we met)
I had the privilege of visiting him at his studio a couple of weeks ago and just marveled at his amazing collection of artworks. Tony is a very humble artist and doesn't see anything different in what he does - but he has a very different style from any other artist I've seen and his art really moves you on a deeper level.
Tony came round yesterday and gave me my painting - OMG!! I was totally blown away - had to try hard not to cry - just a stunning piece and the photographs I've taken just don't do it justice.

Tony paints on boxed board and often carves into the wood. This time he carved the Maori words - "Wahine Ataahua" - which translates to - "Woman of Beauty" - Wahine means woman and Ataahua means beautiful.

On the back I have my own personal message and a little portrait of me that he did from my photo off this website .....

Thank you Tony for your friendship and help with the latest collaborative artwork for the NZ Art Guild. Thank you for your generous, kind heart and for one of the most touching, wonderful gifts I have ever received in my life.


Lesley Davies said...

This painting is truly the type of painting I would like to own. Very talented artist

Sophia Elise said...

He has an enormous talent - and I love his art. Hopefully you will own one of his paintings very soon :-)