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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Title: Untitled
Artist: Ellie McGirr
Size: 20cm x 20cm
Media: Mixed

This week I've had the privilege of spending time with a wonderful, vibrant intelligent 15yr old. We have spent time creating artwork for her bedroom and also just doing odd jobs around the place. To spend time with another person regardless of age is such a privilege and a learning experience too.

Friends - they come in all shapes in sizes - all ages and walks of life - you can never predict who will be your friend - and sometimes the people you expect to be the ones to reach out a hand when you need it most arn't- and the ones you least expect are there for you.

Last week I had two friends that I haven't seen in a very long time contact me - one actually drove 2 1/2 hours (with morning sickness) just to visit me for a couple of hours - WOW! What a privilege!! Not to mention an amazing friend in more ways than one. We did our nursing training together - 20 years ago - and she has always been there - one of the most open, loving, giving people you would meet. I had no idea she was coming and of course the tears flowed when Wendy walked in ....

Another friend of mine from high school never ceases to amaze me - she texts me every birthday without fail - I haven't seen her for a couple of years (we both use the excuse of being too busy) - but she still takes the time out of her life to give to me. Wow!

Now the thing that its made me realise more than ever that we can actually take our friends for granted. Friends are so precious, but often our lives get too busy for us to take the time to meet up with them - to talk with them - and we think - we will do that next week - only next week never comes. I feel privileged, but strangely ashamed, that these two wonderful people (that I have known most of my life) take the time to be with me or keep in touch - but when did I last do that for them .... ?

How many of us can truly say that we are a friend? One of those awful realities of doing too much and being busy is that we have less and less time for friends. The appalling thing is that we actually have to make appointments for friends - hanging out with them is a luxury - and worse still an interruption. We assume we are friends but we never take the time to do anything to nurture that friendship and connection. We have to be a friend in order to have a friend.

Thank you to Ellie, Wendy and Tina for making me realise that I need to stop my busyness and take the time to be with people that have so much to offer - who's company I truly enjoy.


Kay said...

Friends love unconditionally.

When I moved to Italy it was my real friends who wrote least... but that doesn't harm the friendships, because I know when we meet the gap of time and distance will not exist. In some ways I owe it to them as much as myself to be really happy, because they understood that I needed to fly.

One of my dearest friends here is 9 years old. We have a mutually supportive understanding. I am currently sporting a huge bruise from his soccer ball. I smile every time it hurts. Long may our odd friendship last!

A house is not a home if you have to clean up before friends drop in... friends come to see YOU. Give me a battered chair with a good friend sitting in it over a beautiful piece of furniture any day!

Sophia Elise said...

So true Kay - some of my dearest friends live so far away - we may not be able to spend time together - but when we do then it's like nothing has ever changed .... I smiled at the thought of you playing soccer wtih your 9 year old friend ... true friendship has no barriers.... :-)