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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Some days ...

lead you all over the place and in different directions....

Yesterday was one of those days for me ...

Now I'm no green finger ... but I did start the day out as I have never done before - by digging two holes in the back yard to plant very special apple trees. Now these had come all the way from an artist friend (John Sargeant) in Taranaki. I'm very grateful that no one had a camera handy - gummies, pj's, raincoat made for a real sight - and not a pretty one I can tell you!

After this it was onto some computer work for the NZ Art Guild, finishing off a painting, then off to the Cross Cuts hairdressers at 10am to change their artwork over (and get my hair done at the same time).

Home again for some more computer work then down to Crown Relocation to deliver artwork that is going to London for the Charity art auction. Crown have very generously sponsored shipping for 8 artists to have their art transported to the UK. 7 of these artists are NZ Art Guild members - yay! There I happened to meet up with one of the other artists involved (Elspeth Alix Batt)

From there it was across town to meet up with Shaughan Woodcock from the Mental Health Foundation of NZ to give them the donation of $2000. Another first for me - photos with a giant cheque!

Straight after that I got lost in town trying to get back on the motorway to drive to Hamilton to deliver more artwork ... but eventually I found my way - thank goodness for map books! lol

It was a fantastic end to the day - having a glass of wine and a catch up with my very dear artist friend -Christine Dempster. :-)


Kay said...

Well done... actually I think superwomen are the norm, not the exception, these days. We expect so much of ourselves.

Don't forget the KISS principle though... you'll probably live longer (she says from her glasshouse, stone in hand, struggling to simplify her own life!)

"Stuff" management, not time management... you seem to have it all under control.

Sophia Elise said...

You are so right - I don't even think of "superwomen" anymore because it is the norm for most - and our expectations of ourselves are huge - we often have a hard time living up to what we expect.

I did laugh at your glass house comment ;-) heheh

I do agree Stuff management is important - and I do long for the day when my life will be less busy and simpler - but that will come .... it is what it is for now and I just accept it and go with it. :-)