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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Free rice for those who need it and increase your vocabulary

Title: Rising Sea
Media: Mixed media with resin
Size: 20cm x 20cm
My friend Melissa found this great website today. It's a bit of fun and doing something worthwhile. When you guess the right meaning of words, they donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Programme.
You can set it to start at level 1 (which I did) and the kids started to play - they felt such a sense of achievement - not only at getting the words right - but at donating 20 grains of rice with each word. Each time they reached 100 there was a mini celebration and they worked together to donate 1000 grains in total tonight.
Was a really good educational experience for them to learn new vocab - to help others less fortunate - and for our family to talk about why people are starving - how we can help - who pays for the rice - how it gets there - how many people it would feed. Actually I have to confess I found it a little addictive myself and ended up donating 6300.
Please give it a go - even a few minutes spent will make a difference - it doesn't cost you anything at all - just time - and we all have bit of time that we can spare to help others less fortunate - and of course - you may even enjoy yourself and learn some new words in the process :-)
I choose this painting to go with this post because a year ago when I did it I used rice as the texture. Now, I feel mortified that I actually used rice in this painting. I'm looking at it thinking - how many people could that have fed? Here is a necessity of life I used without second thought to create a luxury item - art. Therefore all money from the sale of this piece will be donated to charity


Kay said...

I taught in a low-decile school where it was policy not to use foodstuffs in art-making. That has stayed with me, and I still can't enjoy art, even that innocently made by children, if it has a food content.

Sometimes it is the little things that really make you think!

Sophia Elise said...

I feel really embarrassed about it now ... at the time I was thinking back to preschool where we used macaroni to make necklaces for our mums and paintings too ... I think it's a very important policy to have and I hope that all schools and preschools have adopted it now ... there is no need to use food to create ...