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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Living in the present - what all great spiritual leaders teach

Title: Light
Media: Acrylic Mixed Media
Size: 90cm x 60cm
This is a painting from my minimalist abstract series I did a few years ago

"I know the solution. When we have a world of only now with no shadows of yesterdays or clouds of tomorrow, then saying what we can do will work" - Goldi Ivener

Imgine starting each day fresh with no shadows of yesterday or clouds of tomorrow. It seems impossible to let go of the past and have no worry for the future yet that is what every great spiritual leader has taught in one form or another. The greatest gift they have given us is to show us how to live in the present - to be completely present in the moment. How much of life do we miss by looking at the past or focussing on the future. The present is all you have - live it - it makes life far less overwhelming and far more enjoyable.

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