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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Obstacles are gifts

Title: Time time time (2004)
Media: Mixed media and acrylic

Events in life are learning experiences and if we don’t take the opportunity to learn from the experience the first time round then we will get another chance and another until we do get it.

Sometimes the experiences we are given get more and more intense - they seem much worse than the first. This is because, for some reason, it takes more to get through to us so that we can actually learn the lesson life is giving us.
We will often ask "why is this happening to us AGAIN. Haven’t we already been through this?" Maybe it's because we’re just too stubborn to learn it – or we just can’t see it.
If you have ever wondered what the lesson is that you’re supposed to be learning – and where you went wrong last time - take heart. Sometimes we don’t even realise what we have learnt until we have learnt it - be patient.
"Problems are messages. Obstacles are gifts for learning. I have the opportunity for many gifts today. I hope I see them" - Anne Wilson Schaeff


Patrick said...

This is something i can relate too , Most of the time i'm so focused on the problem, that even when someone gives me the answer, or heads me in the right direction,
I just cant see the solution, At times stubborn is a word that discribes me very well, I am slowly learning to look at things differently, but it's a long hard road to change a life long habbit.
Reading this blog has done alot to help me look at things in a different light, The one comment on this site that has realy stuck in my mind is " If you cant change the situation, change the way you look at it " Its hard but im getting there, so i guess i have learnt something.

Sophia Elise said...

Hi Patrick :-) Yes I think we can all be stubborn at times. We are all on different paths with things to learn and it certainly seems that you have made some great changes wtihin yourself in the last few years - I'm so pleased that in a small way my blog has helped :-)