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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wisdom - you have earnt it

Title: Clarity II (2004)
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 40 x 90cm

I often say I'm a work in progress - life is a process too. As you know, I believe that everything happens for a reason and each happening in life has a life lesson to teach us. These are integral in who we are becoming.

I often hear people say that a persons past isn't important - they don't want to know where someone has been or come from. This is often because they feel that they are trying to be non judgemental - or maybe they don't want to "pry". However, in order to create true, deep connections and intimacy with someone we have to take the time to know where they've come from. How else are we going to really understand who they are today - why they feel a certain way about some things and react the way they do about others.

We also need to remember our past - no matter how painful - so that we can integrate it into who we are today. Remembering where you've come from is not the same as wallowing in regrets or living in the past. Its about embracing it - the pain, the lessons and celebrating who we have become because of it.

To deny our past is to deny ourselves of our own hard earned wisdom. Our life experiences are our most important strengths.

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